Clogs with good design are feet’s best friends

In Finland, people have used wooden clogs since the 1950’s. In 1986 Talla started manufacturing clogs in a village called Myrskylä not so very far away from Helsinki. Today, and during all these years as the only clog factory in Finland, our expertise leans on handmade shoes with genuine, including vegetable-tanned, leather. The wood we use, mainly birch, comes from the forests nearby.

Finnish design pays attention to detail, comfort and quality. The footbed of our unisex clogs and ladies' sandals provides support to the foot and makes you feel good whether you need to stand still or be on the go. We hope that once you wear Talla shoes you will never want to give them up.

Our collection loves travelling! Our webstore delivers to other EU countries besides Finland, and upon request we ship also worldwide, now directly from the online store also to England, USA and Switzerland. At the moment, you can find our international stockists in Japan and New Zealand.

Welcome to explore our webstore, Facebook @ClogsByTalla and Instagram @clogsbytalla.

Greetings from Myrskylä, Finland

Erja and Hannu
Owners of Talla