Our story

Talla started making artisan clogs in Finland in 1968 as Dr Touko Ollila founded the company. He, with expertise of his orthopedist colleagues, developed a wooden sole, which provides footbed with comfort and support. The design and wood as raw material guaranteed combination, which Talla still uses today in production. Since the early days, the leather quality, colours and models have developed to tickle urban consumers’ taste buds. We are proud to have co-operated with talented Finnish designers and design houses like Marimekko and Nanso over the years.

Another person we can thank for the Talla story is our long-time employee and friend Mr Paavo Puotila, who has recently retired but maintains Talla spirit as an advisor to younger generations at the factory.

Since 1986 Talla is family-owned by us, Ms Erja Räty and Mr Hannu Salminen, responsible for head of company operations ever since. Thanks to all feedback for more than 30 years we can say that paying attention to form and function reduces lower back pain and reliefs aching feet for most customers. Once you wear our shoes you will notice the difference.

Talla spirit is joyful and agile but it didn’t save us from an unfortunate incident that occurred at our factory in Myrskylä, Finland in December 2014 as it burned down during the night. Luckily nobody was injured. However, we had to shut down the production for several months, re-build the premises and start locating replacement parts worldwide for some of our historical machinery from the early 1900.

In 2017, it has been over 30 years with original Talla clogs. We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2016 with our customers by opening a webstore for our complete collection hoping to obtain many more new customers, partnerships and meet like-minded people interested in more sustainable lifestyle. Your contact and feedback are always welcome. Come join our world of clogs!